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Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

All paints and all well-known paint brands contain petroleum based solvents or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's).  These uniform solvents have fundamental actions in the painting process, which include form, texture, brushability, film hardness and working time. They also evaporate as the paint dries, creating that familiar smell of 'fresh' paint.

As you paint, this familiar smell is also your VOC footprint joining some of the estimated 80,000 tonnes of VOC's annually released into Australia's atmosphere.

VOC's originate from the wide use of solvents in industries and households around the world and can range from emissions from petroleum development or wastewater treatment plants to the mothballs in your cupboard.

VOC's contribute to the pollution of the lower atmosphere and the degradation of our ozone layer.

So what can you do?

Choose a Porter's zero VOC or low VOC paint. Avoid high VOC and oil-based paint products.

If some of these industry standard oil-based paints are made up of around 50 % VOC's, then that makes a Porter's Paints premium acrylic paint, at less than 5% VOC's, a safer choice.

The benefit to your environment and your family of using a Porter's Paints low or zero VOC product are pretty evident. Apart from these products reducing your greenhouse footprint, they also provide direct benefits to you and your family, for example a decrease in allergic sensitisation.