Breathable, durable and beautiful. Porter’s Mineral Paint is a premium silicate paint providing unparalleled colour fastness and durability.

Designed to be painted onto render and other unpainted masonry surfaces, Mineral Paint penetrates and chemically reacts with the substrate to "petrify", otherwise known as "silification". The result is that the cured paint forms an inorganic structure with a very strong bond to the substrate. 

The microporous nature of Porter's Mineral Paint allows water vapour in the substrate to escape, improving the health of the building facade. This breathability means moisture doesn't accumulate, so the paint won't blister. This helps keep paint pristine when faced with rising damp, absorbed moisture from humid environments, or wind-driven rain.

Porter's Mineral Paint is made with inorganic pigments. Because these pigments are not vulnerable to UV radiation, they are resistant to fading and dulling. For this reason Porter's Mineral Paint retains exceptional depth of colour and performance over time.

The colours shown here and in the Mineral Paint colour chart are our standard range of colours and are an indication of the types of colours we can make. We understand that each project is unique and we would love to work with you to create a custom colour. Our team works closely with specifiers on new builds, renovations, conservation and restoration works to achieve the perfect colour.

Guaranteed for 25 years, with an expected lifespan of 30 years plus, this finish truly is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of exterior paints.

Features & Benefits

Flat finish.
Wide colour range.
No blistering, peeling or flaking.
Water-vapour can escape.
Algae and fungal resistant.
Solvent free with no odours or fumes.
Water wash up.

Suggested Applications

Exterior. Can be applied to cement render, bagged brickwork, concrete, masonry blocks, bricks, sandstone, off-form concrete, tilt-up concrete panels and most absorbent building stones.




Highly Recommended

Apply with

Lime Wash / specialty brush, Roller


Approximately 5m² per litre. Mineral Silicate Primer covers approximately 10m² per litre.


Mineral Paint 1 litre (sample) and 15 litres. Mineral Silicate Primer is available in 4 litres and 15 litres.


Detailed Product/Application Information and Safety Data Sheets

The Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne

Wagga Wagga farmhouse

Michael Bell Architects used an archival colour "Oxblood" to stunning effect

Timeless elegance

Mineral Paint is coloured with UV stable oxides.

Unrivalled depth of colour

A beautiful colour scheme like this one will never go out of date.