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A translucent finish designed to smooth colour imperfections whilst maintaining the characteristics of the substrate.

Porter's Mineral Silicate Stain is a highly durable coloured silicate dispersion stain for the decoration and protection of old and new fair-faced concrete. Mineral Silicate Stain penetrates and chemically reacts with the substrate, creating a very strong chemical bond with the substrate, not a mechanical bond.

The translucent nature of Mineral Silicate Stain colours, protects and tones down blemishes and defects, creating a more uniform finish, whilst allowing concrete to retain its natural appearance, character and surface textures.

Whilst Mineral Silicate Stain can be made to order in almost any colour, we do have a standard range of colours which suits most jobs. All colours can be diluted at tinting to increase transparency. May be diluted in any ratio, depending on the translucency required.

Guaranteed for 10 years. 


Features & Benefits

Dries to a natural matte finish. Delivers a high resistance to weathering. Water vapour permeability is high. Resists mould and airborne pollutant pick up.

Suggested Applications

Exterior. Can be applied to cement render, concrete (including pre-cast), off-form concrete, tilt-up concrete panels (after removal of mould release agents), bagged brickwork and masonry bricks.




Highly Recommended

Apply with

Synthetic brush, Roller


Approximately 8-10m² per litre.


Mineral Silicate Stain is available in 4 litres and 15 litres.


Detailed Product/Application Information and Safety Data Sheets

Maintenance free

Mineral Stain on unprimed fibre cement cladding, for a timber look without the maintenance of real timber.

Fade resistant inorganic pigment

Resists fading and dulling to maintain colour over time