Eastern Rise Byron Bay

Clare Scanlan

May 07, 2021

A love letter to the beauty of the natural and handmade, Eastern Rise Byron Bay by Genine Noakes Design uses Porter's hand-painted finishes French Wash and Wood Wash to add layers of texture and warmth to every surface. The result is a deceptively simple and beautiful design, ready to cocoon visitors looking for a true retreat in the hills of Byron Bay.

Natural and Neutral

Every wall at Eastern Rise was hand painted by Porter's colourist and artist Desa, who used 'Icelandic Stone' in Porter's Low Sheen Acrylic as a base. She then applied a custom-blended French Wash using a traditional muslin-rag technique to create gentle undulations of soft colour that are reminiscent of natural stone. The completely matte finish of French Wash is a photographer's dream, softening the streaming light that fills the space.

Wabi Sabi Style

The aesthetic of Eastern Rise is almost poetic. The project celebrates the imperfect beauty of the handmade in a way that echoes the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi, but the project remains uniquely Australian with a strong sense of place, utilizing local materials and makers. These hand-finished French Wash walls play beautifully against the other handmade and natural elements in this simple and beautiful corner.

Restful Retreat

Porter's Wood Wash was created in a bespoke colour especially for this project, to emphasise the organic shapes and variation in the timber clad walls, whilst deepening its colour and warming the room. The result is a cosy and restful space that still retains a freshness through crisp linens and abundant natural light.

Timber Tones

Genine artfully placed her collection of blue and white glazed pottery against the warm custom-made brown-grey of Wood Wash walls, creating a beautifully curated moment of contrasting colour.