One New Product, 44 New Colours

Sarah Geha

May 05, 2021

Smooth Impasto, a beautifully matt interior paint, with a velvety soft feel finish. This newest addition to the Porter's Paint range, perfectly translates the deep and dreamy colours in Colour Collection 16.


What is it about Smooth Impasto?

Smooth, velvety and beautifully opaque. Smooth Impasto is characterised by a lack of uniformity, a distinct layering of pigment, and subtle but visible brush marks. This paint finish creates a sense of depth and gives walls an inviting natural character. 

Our new colour Verdant, featured in this image, relishes in the completely matt finish and brushed appearance of Smooth Impasto. A divine new addition to our already lush stable of greens. 

Defining Colour Collection 16

Porter's Colour Collection 16 has been designed to offer a supreme experience in rich colour. Paired with the Smooth Impasto matt finish, the intensity of the colour saturation achieved creates sumptuous moody interiors.

Each of the 44 colours has been carefully crafted with a layered combination of Porter's tints, resulting in a complexity that provides truly original colours.

Colour Collection 16 is also available in Porter's Premium Acrylics and Porter's Chalk Emulsion.

The Smooth Impasto Effect

Rich and sophisticated, Smooth Impasto lends itself to creating to an elegant ambiance in a space. The depth of colour, lack of uniformity and soft to the touch finish will offset artwork and furnishings and bring features to the forefront.  

A New Family Member For The Porter's Originals Range

We're proud to welcome Smooth Impasto into our Porter's Originals range. This product is Low VOC and is designed for minimum impact on the environment. Shown here is Dolce Vita. 

Full details on the product's environmental information can be found on the Smooth Impasto Product Specification.