The Darling of Darling Point

Clare Scanlan

May 07, 2021

Stunning views, salty air and a sense of history inform this stunning home that is the sanctuary of designer Amy Yared. Utilising Porter's authentic aged finishes, Amy has managed to find the perfect balance between natural beauty, the old and the new. Welcome to 'Ayr' Darling Point.

Getting Better With Age

Ocean views and salty air can only enhance this Darling of Darling Point. Porter's Liquid Bronze with Bronze Verdigris was applied to planters to add the authentic beauty of real aged bronze. These planters will only get better with time, due to the real bronze particles throughout the paint that will continue to oxidise in the salty harbour air.

The Welcoming Committee

Is it ever a bad day when you arrive home to this face? Balloo is standing guard at the door, flanked by two gorgeous planters that Amy updated using Porter's Liquid Bronze with Bronze Verdigris.

Inside versus Outside

When your outlook is world class and heavy with history, how does one design an interior to harmonise? Amy chose to use the historically inspired Interior Distemper in rich, deep "Ristretto", brushed by hand for a chalky aged finish that is at once stately and timeless. The depth of colour serves as the perfect backdrop to a unique collection of precious objects collected during travels abroad, and emphasises the warm timber tones throughout. Perhaps the best trick however is the way the deep matte finish draws the eye outwards to the garden and natural beauty beyond.

A Polished Finish

Fresco in Shell Grey was applied to the fireplace surround by Rebecca from Set For Art for a luxurious handmade finish that is as tactile as it is beautiful. Rebecca used a traditional trowel technique then waxed and polished the finish until it gleamed, highlighting the unique movement and colour variation this finish offers. Pictured here forming a backdrop to these romantically aged silver candlesticks.

Know your Backdrop

Liquid Bronze with Verdigris peeping out from behind the luscious silver falls plant, and Palm Beach Black exterior timber stain on the screen behind. Amy knows that the backdrop is as important as the main event for maximum impact in the garden.

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